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    Lose Weight For Good

    March 29, 2014

    The term ‘I’m on a diet’ really gets to me. In its very nature it is suggesting that the outcome is only temporary! I’ve noticed that the outcome of the diet is always ‘I want to look good for the wedding’? How about ‘I want to look good, all the time!’

    ‘Dieting’ is over rated anyway! Now i am going to be real with you. How many calories can you possibly restrict from your diet? 100/day? 200/day? How many calories can you possibly burn in a workout? Same again? Well let’s do the math. . 200 calories per day through diet restriction and 200/day training equals 400 calories. Multiply that by 7(days in the week) thats 2800 calories. Now if we convert that into fat mass it equates to 310 grams of fat, a little over half a pound. Now that is not considering the fact that your metabolism will slow due to caloric restriction through the week. I know it sounds harsh but if you want to lose FAT long term you have to adopt the lifestyle and you are in it for the long haul. There are no quick fixes, no fast diets! This does not mean you have to be hungry for the rest of your life, oh no, but it does mean you will have to CHANGE.

    Everyone really needs to shift their mindset on this one! Here are 4 tips to make sure your weight loss goals are attainable!

    1. Write it down.

    When I say write it down I mean be specific. That does not mean ‘I want to lose 10lbs’ I know this is a quantifiable measurement but we want something that means something to you! It means:

    Lose 4" on my waist Feel better, Drop a dress size Be able to do 10 push ups/chin ups

    These are ‘performance goals’ they can be assessed and progress can be noted. That’s what we want. There is too much disappointment out there, after a week SOLID or training and living a ‘performance lifestyle’ there is no change on the scales. But there may be a body composition shift. Something may fit better, you may FEEL better. Still a positive result!

    2. Be un-realistic.

    If you are realistic you will probably get there but once you get there what then? Get fat again? I don’t think so! Set unrealistic goals and who knows. . you may attain them some day! But for now you will be constantly striving to achieve them!

    3. Make yourself accountable.

    Tell people about your imminent transformation! Spread the word! The more you tell the better! It’s very hard to NOT do something when everyone knows! But remember tell positive people. If you tell negative people, also known as ‘saboteurs’, they will try with all their might to bring you down out of jealousy! They do not possess the perseverance to stick to the plan that you are on! Don’t let them take you down along with them!

    4. Make a wager.

    That’s right! Make a bet with someone, prove them wrong! ‘I bet you I can lose 28 pounds in the next 12 weeks’ place a value on the bet and take it from there! It doesn’t have to be cash it can be anything. But the fact you have money on the line as well as your pride you MUST complete the challenge!

    If you follow the above quick tips you are well on your way! Notice that there is not a mention of carbs or fat or Atkins or anything. Just YOU!

    You are to blame and you are the only one that can fix it!

    Copyright (c) 2009 Athleticbodysystem

    By: Bryan Kavanagh

    Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

    Bryan has helped people from teenagers to 50 year olds to seasoned athletes achieve their physique goals. To find out more click the link below: —> www.athleticbodysystem.com For social support and training and nutrition tips log on here—-> myathleticbodyspace.ning.com

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    Fast Weight Loss – Five Dangers

    January 13, 2014

    Be Aware of the Dangers When You Lose Weight Fast

    Studies have shown that losing weight too fast is neither effective or healthy. It is far better to go slower, eating healthy – getting the correct amount of nutrients with each meal. Being willing to take your time can save you grief later with the many serious health problems that develop with rapid weight loss.

    Crashing Your Metabolism

    While it is true that your metabolism can impact your weight loss it is also true that if you cut your calories drastically, you can actually impede your metabolism from doing its job. The results can be long lasting and detrimental to your overall health. Wikipedia defines Metabolism as: (from Greek: metabole, “change” or Greek: metabolismos, “out throw”) is the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells of living organisms.

    Current medical information shows that many different hormones are involved in your metabolism including thryoid, leptin and insulin. (more…)

    Gluten Free Diet

    January 4, 2014

    So What is Gluten?

    According to Wikipedia: “Gluten (from Latin gluten, “glue”) is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species, including barley and rye. Gluten gives elasticity to dough, helping it rise and keep its shape and often gives the final product a chewy texture. Gluten is used in cosmetics, hair products, and other dermatological preparations.”

    That last part sounds yummy! NOT – cosmetics, hair products and other dermatological preparations – you want me to eat What?

    large.gluten.foodsIf you are gluten challenged with gluten digestion trouble, you know how hard it is to find some of your favorites foods like wheat free pizza and wheat free desserts or gluten free donuts! If you do a search on the internet for “wheat free foods” you will find over seven million different websites that include that search term.

    Remember though Wheat Free isn’t enough, because it is in all grains so it is better to search for Gluten Free.  Why is it that it appears that all of a sudden the American public has become gluten intolerant? You see it often today within our families. One of the biggest reasons is in the mean of the word gluten – glue, that and its ability to make breads rise, giving it a chewy texture. Because of this food processors have found it cheaper to add gluten to many products that you would never think would have gluten (like packaged meats). It provides bigger profits!

    One and a half million results are displayed if you search for “gluten free restaurants”. Fortunately some restaurants have the thing many miss most about not being able to digest wheat and gluten…PIZZA!  Some health food stores have little dining areas where they cook anything from the store up for you and either serve it to you or package it already cooked “to go”. And thankfully now more and more regular grocery stores, organic food stores and eateries supply gluten free foods.

    There are also many gluten free pizza mix products that you can buy in health food stores or some large supermarkets that have health food sections. In some of these stores you can buy frozen wheat free pizza crusts, take them home and add your favorite toppings along with dairy free cheese and eat till your hearts content.


    Your Diet – Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure, Silent Killer

    December 29, 2013

    What To Avoid in Your Diet

    Are you sick of the side effects of prescription drugs given to you for your high blood pressure? Well listen up, there are natural remedies for high blood pressure, silent killer, that it is, that do not have the awful side effects that prescription drugs do.

    One word of caution however, if you are on medications prescribed by your doctor do not abruptly stop them and opt for natural remedies as this could be life-threatening. I suggest you consult with your doctor and tell him/her that you are considering changing to using natural remedies for your condition and come to an agreement of how to handle the switch together.

    When cells are destroyed naturally, it is called apoptosis. In this case, new cell formation is not hampered and are stronger and healthier. Thus it has beneficial effect. The reverse is when cells are being destroyed. This is called necrosis. There are many reasons for necrosis tissue. One of them is induced by drugs/medicines.

    When cell has its natural death, it passes a chemical signal for the white blood cells to respond and scavenge. But such chemical signal is extinguished in case the cell is destroyed by other means. You know the fatality? The dead tissues and debris are accumulated and necrosis tissue is formed. The fatality is nothing but heart attack.

    Your diet is critical in helping you to manage this condition so here are some foods that you should include to help; Berries are excellent, especially Blueberries, which have antioxidant properties. You should consume bananas, green leafy vegetables and beans for protein. OrangeJuiceCeleryGroupBananasLimit your salt intake and use sea salt instead of regular oxidized salt.

    Get the whole story about high blood pressure or hypertension and the natural remedies available to treat it so you can live your life without those awful side effects you are suffering right now.

    Better Health with a Yoga Class

    April 13, 2010

    Getting into a yoga class can help develop your healthiness with stretching to tone your muscular tissues and activity your total skeletal process. Some Yoga exercise session courses tend to be difficult than other people. If it is you could be new to or just about to have a shot at a yoga work out, then do test a yoga class or two to see which sort of yoga you favor. Here are the major 5 reasons on why you need to enroll to some yoga class.

    Increases Flexibleness

    You really don’t need to stretch or move similar to a gymnast once you do yoga. Unfortunately, that may be what comes instantly to imagination when you speak about the concept “yoga”. Men and women worry if they’re as well old, unfit, or “fat” for being inside a yoga class. The reality is it is by no means as well late and you could be for no reason as well old to boost flexibleness.

    The sequence of yoga poses labeled asanas efforts by safely stretching your muscles. This emits the lactic acid that builds up with muscle usage and causes tightness, tension, agony, and exhaustion. Aside from that, yoga boosts the variety of motion in joints. It may perhaps also expand lubrication within the joints. The outcome is usually a sense of ease and fluidity all through your body, with exercise.


    Most standing and sitting poses develop core power. With enhanced versatility and power arrives better posture. That is due to the fact you’re counting on your deep abdominal muscular tissues to assist and keep just about every pose. Using a stronger core, you’re additional in all likelihood to sit and stand “tall.” A further benefit of yoga could be the elevated physical structure attention. This heightened recognition tells you extra promptly when you are slouching or slumping which means you can adjust your position.


    Yoga seriously is not typically focused on aerobic fitness the way working or cycling are. Having an extreme power yoga class that gets you breathing in very hard at a heated room, even so, and that can offer an aerobic perk. The expression inhalation in this statement refers for the deepening and lengthening your breath for every yoga class you take. This fuels the relaxation response — the opposite in the fight-or-flight adrenaline boost of the worry response.

    Peace of Mind, A lesser amount of Stress

    Studies show that people today feel reduced stressed and extra relaxed just after their initially yoga class. Some yoga poses consist of precise meditation ways to quiet the continuous “mind chatter” that typically underlies panic. Other yoga types depend on deep breathing methods to focus your imagination on the breath. When this occurs, your head gets calm.

    Stimulates a Healthy Heart

    Perhaps just one of the most studied areas with the well-being features of yoga is its result on middle sickness. Yoga breathing has prolonged been recognised to reduce blood pressure and slow the cardiovascular system rate. A sluggish cardiovascular system rate can perk citizens with hypertension, cardiovascular system disorder, and stroke. Yoga was a crucial element towards middle ailment.

    Remove Stomach Fat

    April 7, 2010

    The process of eliminating the unpleasant fat deposit around the waist cannot be imagined without an adequate belly fat diet, because food restraints are the first to prove necessary. It definitely takes more than attitude! You need to analyze your eating habits carefully, identifying the good and bad parts that help or hinder the weight loss process. Many options for a belly fat diet are available online, and most of them insist on the importance of following a low-calorie plan.

    It is easily understood that whole grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits and lean meat are the main ingredients of any belly fat diet. The good fats in your meals could also function as a boomerang against the unhealthy fat deposits, and the best examples here are olive oil, soy and flax oil as well as monounsaturated fats from avocado and seeds. Such nutrients control the appetite, meaning that they reduce the hunger by contributing to a feeling of satiety.

    Then, a belly fat diet has great benefits for the entire digestive system, meaning that unpleasant constipation episodes or bloating will be eliminated, thus allowing for a purging of the system. Green tea, fruit juices and plain water will flush the toxins away. Plus, the efficiency of the belly fat diet will receive a boost if you sleep well at night and do enough physical exercises.

    Some variants of belly fat diet refer to meals that require no calorie calculations and only the use of approved foods according to personal preferences. It is recommends to to know how many calories you eat per portion so that you may be able to maintain a flexible belly fat diet permanently. Whether we mention protein, vegetables, fruit, fibers or cars, it feels nice to know what you are eating. This will allow for a better identification of the items that support or hinder belly fat loss.

    The main objective of any belly fat diet consists in the advanced burning of calories as compared to the daily meal intake. Without this metabolic mechanism, no positive results will appear after the dietary changes you operate. Whether you select calorie shifting or you would rather combine a natural diet with lots of physical exercises, it is definitely your choice. Make sure to avoid abuses of any kind and keep a middle-course approach to weight loss in general in order to enjoy good achievements and an adequate health condition.


    When the author isn’t tending to her diet, she’s a fan of psychic readings, the Seattle HCG diet, and the Cadillac Allante windscreen windblocker wind deflector.

    How You Can Get Rid of Cellulite Fast

    April 4, 2010

    Finding the best method to drop cellulite can involve prolonged and expensive trial and error. One particular person will tell you that the only way to take away cellulite is by constant exercising and dieting. Another will insist that there is certainly no method to remove cellulite forever although cosmetic surgeons try to promote you their cellulite gel services by stating you can, certainly, remove cellulite but only should you undergo a process such as liposuction.

    The first thing to accomplish should be to take a look at reasons we get cellulite. Though equally men and most women are influenced it’s women who have a tendency to suffer most for hormonal motives. The reality is, thanks to these physical differences, most women shop excess fat differently to guys. However skinny we could be, we all possess a layer of fats under our skin and that is created up of compartments separated by fibrous strands of connective tissue. Cellulite seems when excess toxins, excess fat cells and fluids gather in these compartments and result in them to swell, ultimately leading to people all too apparent dimples.

    So how can we drop cellulite or at smallest lessen it significantly? Regular aerobic workout is a great begin. Having your blood flowing will possess a optimistic result on those people trapped poisons and fat cells despite the fact that this strategy does need a large amount of commitment. Great workout routines to look at involve running, jogging or even just brisk walking as well as swimming and, for finest effects, ought to happen at minimum five situations a week.

    A further excellent way to try to do away with cellulite is usually to make certain that your diet plan won’t contribute to that toxic build-up. This signifies removing all junk food, white sugar, preservatives, additives and unhealthy fats as well as ensuring that you simply drink copious quantities of pure water during the day. It is also an excellent strategy to cut down or eliminate caffeine. While its employed topically in many useful cellulite lotions it doesn’t have identical helpful influence when it forms component of your everyday diet. Bear in mind that a dietary approach alone will not get rid of cellulite – you have to do this in conjunction with workout and commit to this as being a long-term chosen lifestyle transform.

    So as to reduce cellulite for good you may well also need to carry out other chosen lifestyle changes like giving up alcohol and smoking. Each these habits lead tremendously to that toxic load, in turn primary to people telltale dimples. Once again, all of this involves work and dedication and that is why some people look for alternate options like cellulite residence treatments. These incorporate topical lotions and lotions which, when applied correctly, have produced excellent results.

    As you can see, there may be no magic bullet when it comes to that age-old query: tips on how to get rid of cellulite? The most recent cellulite cream household treatment options are the closest we appear to an easy, painless alternative. They are, however, greatest used in conjunction with another approaches to take away cellulite I’ve outlined above. Try out the approaches We have suggested in this article, either alone or preferably in blend, and you also are positive to hit about the best answer to assist you to shed cellulite forever.

    The 3 Things That Will Get Rid Of Flab

    April 3, 2010

    You probably want hot and sexy abs. Regrettably, it’s not so easy to remove the flab around your belly. Unrealistic ads on television perpetuates the lie that just 5 or 10 minutes of effort a day is all that is required. You’d be excused to believe that some ab machine is the holy grail.

    Don’t believe what you hear, because it’s not that easy. It takes more than just a few lazy minutes every day to get rid of the flab on those abs. The machines sold on TV is not the answer.

    After reading this article you should have a better idea of what is required. These simple points will put you on the road to success. Off we go.

    1. Balanced diet

    This is absolutely critical to weight loss. Regardless of what exercise routine you follow, it’s nearly impossible to lose weight when you eat too much of the wrong stuff. You won’t achieve your weight loss goals until you put the right amount of the right food in your body.

    Get more raw veggies into your system. Drink more water and fresh fruit juice instead of soft drinks. This isn’t rocket science. The key is in actually doing it.

    2. Get resistance training

    This is great for building some muscle. Don’t neglect to add some resistance training to your routine. You can train with weights if you want. You may wish to use a gym system. Calisthenics are also useful here.

    3. Varied intensity training

    This is almost the holy grail of fat burning right here. You’re going to do exercises at different levels of intensity Varied intensity training requires you to do exercises at various intensities. This requires switching between high intensity and low intensity or rest periods in short intervals. When doing road work for instance, don’t just jog steadily for twenty minutes. Mix it up by a variation of jogging, sprinting and short rest periods where you just walk. Continue in this vein. Keep switching things around to challenge your body and make it adjust.

    Make sure you understand these points and apply them.

    Discover some more of the best abdominal exercises.

    Be aware that the top ab machines will only result in disappointment without a complete application of the points discussed here.

    Drop Pounds From the Mid Section

    March 30, 2010

    Fat has a way of its own to deposit on the body and change physiognomy; for instance, we seldom know that people with belly fat are more exposed to heart illness and diabetes than those with fat thighs, buttocks or hips. In fact, anyone with belly fat in excess is often described as having an apple-shaped body.Two types of belly fat can be identified here: the internal or visceral kind that surrounds the internal organs and the subcutaneous one that is found just under the skin.

    Several approaches to belly fat are possible, and the most common of them is the use of regular abdominal exercises accompanied by a good diet. Aerobic exercising represents the most efficient weight loss method, which explains the insistence on the integration of such practices in the weekly program. Before you should start any belly fat loss routine or diet, it is important to identify those elements that contribute to your physical condition.  Another solution is the HCG Diet Weight Loss plan.

    Belly fat is closely related to unhealthy food and eating habits. One can seldom keep a close track of all the calories he/she has during a day. This doesn’t mean that belly fat loss is not possible! It is a good idea to talk to an aerobic trainer, a nutritionist or some other professional who can give both advice and support during the weight loss period. The suggestions and tips available online or in magazines could also be of help, if pondered well upon. The next solution is the HCG Diet Weight Loss plan.

    Read as much as you can on abdominal exercises in order to understand why you may not have lost belly fat so far. Although it is generally believed that abs training will reduce the fat around the stomach, the efficiency of such exercises is lower than a full-body training routine that accelerates the entire metabolism, triggering good hormonal responses too. And this difference between abs and full-body training is obvious if we consider that weight loss only occurs when we burn more calories than we eat.

    To get back to diet, the food quality is essential for health and fitness alike. There is lots of confusing information available in the form of new and revolutionary diets, but such programs often fail in terms of nutrition. Consequently, find the foods that are necessary for the normal body mechanisms and eliminate those that can be easily stored as fat deposits.

    When the author isn’t tending to her own diet, she’s a fan of best psychics, the Seattle HCG Diet Center, and the 

    Gilbert Boot Camp Interval Workouts – Fat Loss Multiplied

    March 17, 2010

    Gilbert Boot Camp is a great way to get fantastic results. Do you ever find that your cardiovascular workout routine is getting a little too repetitive, a little too boring? One of the reasons people give up exercise is boredom, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many different ways to challenge your body and your mind during your workouts that you should never feel bored.

    The thing to remember is to keep learning new exercises, variations of the exercise and routines that you are doing. One of these differences is interval training and we will talk about that today.

    What elements make up interval training? Interval training means working out a high level of intensity for a period with light level of activity following. This type of training can be used by anyone and with any fitness activity. Let’s use running as an idea. You can change up your running routine by adding short bursts of sprints into your running regime. If you are a beginner, start by doing faster, harder walking with a lower level of walking.

    Here is an idea; if you are walking outside, pick a spot in front of you like a light pole or a stop sign and push your intensity level higher until you get there. When you use the cardiovascular machines, it is as easy as watching the timer and moving between high and low levels of intensity.

    There are huge advantages doing interval training at gilbert boot camps. The best thing about intervals is that you burn more calories and spend less time working out? This is great news for your workouts because it improves your aerobic capacity but, the best benefit is for your heart and lungs. A benefit of interval training is there is not a huge change to your routine and there is no special equipment needed.

    Whatever type of exercise you are doing now, it can easily be changed into a interval routine. This type of training will grow with you as you progress. Starting intervals training just means choosing the time and speed of your workout. You have total control in deciding the length and speed of your workout, depending on how you are feeling.

    Of course this does require you to be more disciplined during your workout. Only you can decide the level that will challenge you while you are doing your intervals. With any exercise it is important to warm up first. You always want to make sure you are warmed up before starting your interval.

    If you are working out seriously to improve sports performance, this type of training is also a good choice for you. You may want to look at interval training a little more serious. A Gilbert personal trainer or other fitness expert can help you plan the intensity and duration of your intervals based on your target heart rate, aerobic capacity and other factors.

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