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    Fast Weight Loss – Five Dangers

    January 13, 2014

    Be Aware of the Dangers When You Lose Weight Fast

    Studies have shown that losing weight too fast is neither effective or healthy. It is far better to go slower, eating healthy – getting the correct amount of nutrients with each meal. Being willing to take your time can save you grief later with the many serious health problems that develop with rapid weight loss.

    Crashing Your Metabolism

    While it is true that your metabolism can impact your weight loss it is also true that if you cut your calories drastically, you can actually impede your metabolism from doing its job. The results can be long lasting and detrimental to your overall health. Wikipedia defines Metabolism as: (from Greek: metabole, “change” or Greek: metabolismos, “out throw”) is the set of life-sustaining chemical transformations within the cells of living organisms.

    Current medical information shows that many different hormones are involved in your metabolism including thryoid, leptin and insulin. When you suddenly cut calories, your body’s defense mechanism kicks in because it believes it is being starved. To protect itself, the body slows your metabolism, so less energy is required to keep your body working effectively.The healthy way to dieting is to slowly cut calories and increase your exercise, this combination insures that your body is receiving enough “food” to keep the metabolism working efficiently.

    Taking Unhealthy Supplements

    Let’s face it the only ones winning in the “lose weight industry” are the advertising companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the fitness clubs. Too many of the weight loss supplements on the market promise fast weight loss with no special diet or exercise required. If you do lose weight initially much of the quick weight loss you will see is just water weight. These pills often contain stimulants. We have learned from “Ephedra & FenFen” that taking too much of these stimulants can be dangerous for your heart, especially when combined with doses of caffeine.

    Developing Flab

    Remember when you are losing weight you are not just eliminating fat – well actually you are if you are doing it too quickly. But done correctly with proper nutrition and exercise you will also eliminate the extra skin that surrounded all that fat. Fast weight loss can cause your skin to sag and after the fat is gone it can be very difficult to get the skin to tighten up. By choosing to lose weight slowly, your skin’s elasticity will have a chance to reduce sagging plus you can work on adding some toning exercises into your routine that will further reduce the problem.

    Regaining the Weight

    Over and over you hear of it! People lose all kinds of weight quickly, only to regain it all back and then some. Simply put the average person can not starve themselves forever, eventually they give in and eat something they consider ‘forbidden’ and then the guilt kicks in and emotional eating starts. The spiral begins. We go back to our own ways. With the unhealthy eating to begin with our metabolism has probably slowed way down, so, we actually end up gaining the weight back faster.

    You need to make life style changes that you can live with, eating habits that support your naturally and becoming more active. That is the success program for weight loss..

    Moving Towards Eating Disorders

    If you become desperate for fast weight loss, you’re more likely to try some dangerous routes to achieve this goal, such as starving yourself, purging after meals, or using laxatives or other products to help you eliminate the food you do eat. While you may lose weight, you’ll also be jeopardizing your healthy and paving the way for the development of a full-blown eating disorder down the road.



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