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    Gilbert Boot Camp Interval Workouts – Fat Loss Multiplied

    March 17, 2010

    Gilbert Boot Camp is a great way to get fantastic results. Do you ever find that your cardiovascular workout routine is getting a little too repetitive, a little too boring? One of the reasons people give up exercise is boredom, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many different ways to challenge your body and your mind during your workouts that you should never feel bored.

    The thing to remember is to keep learning new exercises, variations of the exercise and routines that you are doing. One of these differences is interval training and we will talk about that today.

    What elements make up interval training? Interval training means working out a high level of intensity for a period with light level of activity following. This type of training can be used by anyone and with any fitness activity. Let’s use running as an idea. You can change up your running routine by adding short bursts of sprints into your running regime. If you are a beginner, start by doing faster, harder walking with a lower level of walking.

    Here is an idea; if you are walking outside, pick a spot in front of you like a light pole or a stop sign and push your intensity level higher until you get there. When you use the cardiovascular machines, it is as easy as watching the timer and moving between high and low levels of intensity.

    There are huge advantages doing interval training at gilbert boot camps. The best thing about intervals is that you burn more calories and spend less time working out? This is great news for your workouts because it improves your aerobic capacity but, the best benefit is for your heart and lungs. A benefit of interval training is there is not a huge change to your routine and there is no special equipment needed.

    Whatever type of exercise you are doing now, it can easily be changed into a interval routine. This type of training will grow with you as you progress. Starting intervals training just means choosing the time and speed of your workout. You have total control in deciding the length and speed of your workout, depending on how you are feeling.

    Of course this does require you to be more disciplined during your workout. Only you can decide the level that will challenge you while you are doing your intervals. With any exercise it is important to warm up first. You always want to make sure you are warmed up before starting your interval.

    If you are working out seriously to improve sports performance, this type of training is also a good choice for you. You may want to look at interval training a little more serious. A Gilbert personal trainer or other fitness expert can help you plan the intensity and duration of your intervals based on your target heart rate, aerobic capacity and other factors.

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