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    Keeping Your Body In Good Form While Pregnant

    March 2, 2010

    Your pregnancy is probably the time of your life when you will be most conscious of your body. You see huge changes in its shape over the nine months as well as having a big focus on your diet. Some women absolutely blossom in pregnancy and seem to emit a glow. Others suffer with sickness, acne and feeling ‘blah’.

    Many women get acne throughout their pregnancy due to the fluctuations in hormones running around the body. A whole lot of acne and pimple treatments on the market do not actually work on pregnant ladies because the zits are caused by hormonal upheaval and not by bacteria on the skin.

    One of the latest things to come out of Asia and take the rest of the world by storm is BB cream. This is an acronym for blemish balm and is very effective at treating and covering acne and other skin problems that commonly occur throughout pregnancies.

    Just a few short years ago the extent of maternity wear was pretty much huge tent dresses. These days there are some flattering and trendy styles that you can purchase. You do not have to buy too much in the way of pregnancy clothing as it is only for a short time, but a couple of pieces will make you much more comfortable and feel better about your appearance.

    For most women it is safe and recommended to do regular exercise throughout your pregnancy. Since labor can be long and is definitely very physical it is really advisable to continue with your exercise routine in order to have the endurance to cope with the labor. You may be lucky and have a short labor, but then you might not and it is best to be prepared.

    It might be a good idea to seek out the services of a personal trainer while you are pregnant and they can design a specialized program for you to meet your body’s needs throughout the pregnancy. That way you can ensure that the exercises you do are appropriate and safe.

    There is no need to feel frumpy during your pregnancy fitness; looking after your skin and buying some new maternity clothes can make a very big difference and help you enjoy the changes to your body and embrace the most natural thing in the world.

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