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    Your Diet – Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure, Silent Killer

    December 29, 2013

    What To Avoid in Your Diet

    Are you sick of the side effects of prescription drugs given to you for your high blood pressure? Well listen up, there are natural remedies for high blood pressure, silent killer, that it is, that do not have the awful side effects that prescription drugs do.

    One word of caution however, if you are on medications prescribed by your doctor do not abruptly stop them and opt for natural remedies as this could be life-threatening. I suggest you consult with your doctor and tell him/her that you are considering changing to using natural remedies for your condition and come to an agreement of how to handle the switch together.

    When cells are destroyed naturally, it is called apoptosis. In this case, new cell formation is not hampered and are stronger and healthier. Thus it has beneficial effect. The reverse is when cells are being destroyed. This is called necrosis. There are many reasons for necrosis tissue. One of them is induced by drugs/medicines.

    When cell has its natural death, it passes a chemical signal for the white blood cells to respond and scavenge. But such chemical signal is extinguished in case the cell is destroyed by other means. You know the fatality? The dead tissues and debris are accumulated and necrosis tissue is formed. The fatality is nothing but heart attack.

    Your diet is critical in helping you to manage this condition so here are some foods that you should include to help; Berries are excellent, especially Blueberries, which have antioxidant properties. You should consume bananas, green leafy vegetables and beans for protein. OrangeJuiceCeleryGroupBananasLimit your salt intake and use sea salt instead of regular oxidized salt.

    Get the whole story about high blood pressure or hypertension and the natural remedies available to treat it so you can live your life without those awful side effects you are suffering right now.

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