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    Your 10 Step Master Plan For Weight Loss

    March 30, 2014

    Your 10 Step Master Plan

    Knowing where to start when considering the best way to lose weight is always a dilemma, so it is often quite useful to have some bullet points or as I like to call it ‘a master plan’, to adhere to that will help you to stay focused on your objectives, so here we go and don’t forget, go right ahead and add your own personal bullet points, if you believe they should be on your, ‘best way to lose weight’ master plan:

    Watch What You Eat


    1: Watch what you eat but don’t become obsessive: Everyone feels uneasy around obsessive people, so please don’t become one by listing everything that passes your lips; this would not be the best way to lose weight more like the best way to lose all your friends and family! Hopefully, you’ll take heed before you start to calculate your average daily dust inhalation rate!

    Set Targets

    2: Set yourself targets: There is nothing worse that setting off on a journey and not knowing when you’ve arrived!

    Get a Partner

    3: Working with someone else: It is always easier when you are trying to do something that is difficult with the support of a like minded individual and dieting is no different. Find someone to diet with and you will find that the support you offer one another will be invaluable in reaching your goals. There again, if you haven’t heeded the warning in the first point you may not have any one to work with!

    4: Plan to succeed: When I used to spend a lot of my time in management meetings I regularly heard the phrase, ‘plan to succeed, don’t plan to fail’, but never a truer word has been spoken, especially when in it comes to dieting and losing weight. The best way to lose weight is to have a plan of action, daily food allowances and exercise periods must be noted and adhered to, although we don’t want to become obsessive as mentioned in the first point we do need to enforce an element of control without being classified as a ‘looney tune’.

    5: Change the way you cook your food: Grill, Boil and Steam your food, fried food is OUT! Fish-Salmon_FishYes, I realize that for some of you this may be like learning to walk, talk and use the toilet again but it needs to be done!

    6. Junk food is OUT! OK, we all love one certain item of junk food whether it is deep fried chemically enhanced chicken or nuked 5% meat burgers, but most of it is high in fat and filled with greed inducing chemicals that make you crave more of the same, stay away from it. Trust me, using the excuse ‘they will go out of business if I don’t buy some’, does not wash.

    7. Eat more often: Yes you heard me right didn’t see that one coming did you? Eat smaller meals more often and you won’t feel hungry quite as often.

    8: Drink water: Stop drinking soda, it is just sugar in liquid form, why do you think wasps and bees love it so much, come to think of it I’m surprised there isn’t a cola flavored honey! Water will also help to flush out the toxins your body stores so it makes good sense to drink more of it anyway.

    9: Always eat a breakfast: you should always eat a good breakfast and try to consume the majority of your daily intake of calories earlier in the day rather than later, as your body will have a better chance of burning them off. Don’t eat after 8 pm, you have a much better chance of burning off calories whilst you are awake rather than asleep, plus you will sleep much better with an empty stomach, although that doesn’t seem to hinder my father, whom after a Sunday lunch drifts into an unconscious slumber in his armchair, that can only be best described as resembling the lions of the Serengeti after feeding on a zebra kill!

    Running_Man_Kyle_Cassidy10: Exercise: Without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to help you lose weight whilst dieting is to exercise. It needn’t be anything too drastic, a walk round your local park for half an hour or maybe even going for a bike ride; if you can’t get out the house for one reason or another why not try walking up and down your stairs at home whilst listening to your favorite CD, whatever you decide to do, do something, anything..It will help burn calories, and that is your objective.

    Losing weight isn’t about starving yourself, or exercising yourself until you’re sick, it is about managing your lifestyle so the calories you consume equal the calories you burn and when an in-balance occurs, you have to up one side of the equation and drop the other until equilibrium is restored. So in conclusion the best way to lose weight is to manage your lifestyle by controlling your diet and exercise levels and once you achieve this balance you will start to lose weight and become healthier.

    By: Daniel Major

    Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com


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